10 Things You Have In Common With Robot Don

10 Things You Have In Common With Robot Don

Before a rough or final draft of a research paper is due, spend a day allowing students to rotate through these seven revision and editing plagiarism checker stations. As they do, students will have an opportunity to check over their paper for specific plagiarism mistakes. Afterward, allow them to revise and edit before submitting their paper for a grade. These stations can save you time making unnecessary comments.

The seven stations include four task cards for each of the following topics:
1. paraphrasing and summarizing
2. direct quotes
3. Works Cited page
4. in-text citations
5. content checker
6. types of plagiarism
7. common causes of plagiarism

The stations cover information that directly relates to plagiarism. They don’t teach students how to create an MLA 8 Works Cited page, for example. Rather, they emphasize what students need to do in order to avoid plagiarism as it pertains to their Works Cited page.

These stations are not intended to be the initial instruction. If you are looking for an introductory or review lesson for plagiarism.

Also included in this teaching resource are the following:
1. station # and label tents
2. a “should I cite it?” reference page or poster
3. 2 humorous classroom posters (one is shown in a thumbnail)
4. a stoplight plagiarism check page for students to mark and record questions as they complete each station
5. a stoplight plagiarism page for teachers to use (optional)
6. a common MLA in-text citation format reference page for students
7. a suggested use page for teachers

I hope these stations help you to reduce the amount of time you spend repeating yourself, provide helpful reminders for students, and diminish issues with plagiarism

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