Writing the College Essay Workshop Outline

Writing the College Essay Workshop Outline

Workshop 1: Finding the Right College

Objective: Analyzing the colleges or type of colleges you would like to attend and figuring out what colleges’ value and are looking for in a student.
(Student(s) must gather/bring materials on one – three colleges they would like to attend)

•Review college brochures, website and view books.
o Activity: review some college marketing publications and circle key
words that resonate with you. Now underline any other buzzwords that
reflect the qualities they are searching for in prospective students.
•What does the college say they want? Is this what you want?
•Handout: What College Counselors Want.
•Read sample college essays from books or online resources.
o Start a list of what works and what doesn’t work.
o Make a list of ideas as you read through the essays.

Assignment: Talk to people about the college – students, alumni, admissions counselors
to discover the culture of the college.
Assignment: Read more successful essays online or from published books and make a
list of the qualities you would like to emulate in your essay and other ideas.

Workshop 2: Searching for your Topic

Objective: Searching for your topic.
•Discussion: Finding a topic or passion that will communicate your essence.
•Conduct your own personal interview.
•Handout: Personal Interview

Assignment: Finish handouts and be sure to “select your three favorite topics.”

Workshop 3: Writing the Catchy Opener and the Introduction

Objective: Selecting the topic and writing a catchy opener.
•Review the three favorite topics.
•Handout: Selecting your Strategy and Tone
•Handout: The Different Types of Openers
•Write a catchy opener.
•Handout: Writing the Introduction

Assignment: Write two more catchy openers and finish the first paragraph.

Workshop 4: Editing the Opening Paragraph and Beginning the Body

Objective: Editing your first paragraph and planning for your body.
•Presenting your introductions and select your best.
•Defining the body topics.
•Handout: Body Paragraphs

Assignment: Write your body paragraphs and then fill out the handout: First Draft

Workshop 5: Editing the Body and Writing the Conclusion

Objective: Critiquing the body and finishing the essay
•Presenting the body.
•Handout -Selecting your Closing Approach

Assignment: Write your conclusion
Assignment: Read your essay to at least two other people and collect their comments.

Workshop 6: Final Edits

Objective: Editing, editing, did I mention editing?
• Presenting your conclusion.
•Edit for content – review collected comments.
•Edit for mechanics and form.
•Handout: The Final Checklist

Assignment: Complete the editing checklist.
Assignment: Make the changes .

Workshop 7: Presenting the Final Essay

Objective: The final presentation.
•Read the final essay aloud.
•Comments for final edits.

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